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High School Graduates Participation in Higher Education

1. For this report, the graduation cohort is defined as students who completed high school or received a high school diploma in the year selected. The Department of Education reports graduation rates and other graduation cohort descriptors based on the school year in which students enter 9th grade for the first time.
2. Percentage data points are masked using federal rules. Charts display masked percentages as their range limit, e.g., <=20% is displayed as 20%, >=80% as 80%. Charts do not display suppressed counts and percentages. For details, see Disclosure Rules.
3. Data source: Participation in in-state institutions is captured by SCHEV data. Participation in out-of-state institutions is captured by National Student Clearinghouse data.
4. School divisions marked with † serve localities within the bottom quintile of Bachelor's and Associate's degree attainment rates among working age adults.
5. High school diploma: Most Virginia students graduate with either an Advanced Studies Diploma or a Standard Diploma. Other diploma options are available for eligible students with disabilities and adult learners. This report includes all diploma types. Chart showing participation by diploma types does not include categories consist of graduates earning no award.

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